Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Intertidal Scavenger
screen print and watercolor on paper, mounted on wood panel / edition of 2

Here are two more pieces from my bathroom art show at Bows. These are one color screen prints, hand colored with watercolor paints. The images were cut out, and mounted to wood panels with Mod Podge. There are only two of these guys. They were sort of done as an experiment, and I am quite happy with how they came out. I really like the contrast between the wood surface and the print. Also, the Mod Podge adds a thick, glossy texture that enhances the look of the prints, and makes the colors a seem more vibrant. I'm definitely going to be mounting more of my prints this way in the future. Anyway, go check these out while you still have the chance, the show comes down at the beginning of June.

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