Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bows and Arrows Calendar Show

I'm really excited to be participating in the Bows and Arrows calendar project this year. They will be selling calendars featuring a different Sacramento artist's work each month. I'll be in great company for sure. I'm planning on snagging a few of these myself to use as holiday gifts.

This Friday (12.4.12) is the opening show for this project. All of the original works from the calendar will be on display and for sale in the Bows and Arrows gallery space. This will be a great show with a wide variety of quality work. More info on the event can be found here.

Here are some process pictures of the piece that I'll have in the show.

Black lines screen printed, one coat of watercolor down. 
You can sort of see the block out fluid I used for the stars up at the top.

Some more paint is down. Trying to build up the richness of the color
and add depth with some shading.

Here I am cutting out the finished painting.
After this I mounted it on a wooden panel.

All right! If you want to see the finished work you'll have to come see it in person...or buy a calendar!